Field service management and customer service systems

We help create a seamless customer experience - regardless of the number of equipment serviced or customer service channels.

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At its worst, customer service and maintenance is slow and unbelievably frustrating. “You are number 93 in our queue.” “Our chat is closed.” “A service technician might call you in 2 weeks.” They don’t.

At its best, customer service is multi-channel and seamless:

We have experience of all stages of the customer journey. We know how to design and implement services that enhance the customer experience, brighten your brand, and enable your employees to do their jobs in the best possible way.

Field service and maintenance

Did the service representative come with the wrong spare parts? Something you forgot to do during the service visit? Surprising hardware failures that mess up the schedule? Familiar problems for companies whose field service and maintenance employs more than a single-digit number of technicians.

Modern field service systems help guide the work of technicians, track visits, and take the information generated from them smoothly all the way to invoicing.

With proactive maintenance, technicians’ input can be directed to where it is most beneficial. In this way, problems can be addressed even before shutdown, and the utilization rate of the equipment can be maximized.

The SAP Field Service Management implementation includes functionalities required for field maintenance, such as:

Customer service

When your goal is to serve your customers through multiple channels – call center, email, chat, portal, social media, etc. – your customer service team needs the right tools.

The customer experience becomes more unified when customer service operates on the same platform as sales. For example, the seller knows what issues the customer has been in contact about and what cases are open. For the customer, this is reflected in easy and smooth service.

In addition, customer service’s own work becomes easier, more efficient and measurable when contacts are managed centrally and not in several separate channels.

We have solid experience in e.g. the following systems:

The words of one of the newly introduced users are the best proof of how efficient these systems are: “Incredible, you can see everything in here”. One of the aims of introducing C/4HANA at Śnieżka was to improve the flow of information between the field sales forces and the back office.

Dawid Kozak, Śnieżka

Here’s how it works

  1. Background research. We will work with you to find out what the current situation is and your main goals for deploying new capabilities. At this point, we want to hear about customer service/maintenance challenges, your processes and the solutions in use.
  2. Design. We design a solution that best supports your goals. At this stage, we decide together what will be included in the project, on what schedule we will proceed and how the responsibilities will be divided.
  3. Implementation. We implement new customer service/maintenance tools and ensure their integration into your other systems. We train your staff to use new tools.
  4. Further development. We analyze, iterate and further develop tools as your ongoing partner. And of course, we support users according to your needs.

Why Bilot as a partner

Strong understanding of ERP and CRM. Customer service must have information related to the customer and their transactions in order to be able to serve the customer as well as possible. In field maintenance, on the other hand, the management of device data and databases is central.

Integrations and full stack capabilities. We know how to work well outside the actual systems. We support the solution with eg. AI/ML or analytics expertise as needed.

We are an SAP partner at the Gold Partner level. We invest heavily in SAP expertise and have been the first to implement SAP Field Service Management in Finland.

We have won several awards, including:

With Bilot, you get a designated team that simultaneously implements and manages the project. In our experience, this is a way to be close to you as a customer. Customer satisfaction is indicated by the length of our customer relationships.

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VP, Sales and Business Growth +358 40 822 2796

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