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Sales needs strong data-based tools to support it. With our help, you can increase the quality of your sales process, free up time for your salespeople to sell more and better, and lead sales in a more profitable and efficient direction.

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Companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their sales process have proven to be the most successful. B2B sales are particularly challenging because the solution to be sold often consists of a broad and constantly evolving portfolio of products and services. The customer, on the other hand, expects to receive the best high-quality solution to their needs quickly.

Our customers are large and growth-oriented companies who want to take their sales capabilities and results to a new level. The first step may simply be to get customer information in order.

Our services include:

With these, our customers:

1. Lead sales effectively: a holistic view of the sales situation means knowing how and in what direction sales should be led. Without this outlook, sales hit accuracy, customer retention, profitability, and forecasts are left to conjecture.

2. Make customer-centric sales: they place the customer at the center and make sales which are based on the customer’s needs and feel like good service, instead of fragmented sales based on the structure of the selling organization or on separate product group-specific sales efforts.

3. Free up more time for sales work: as information moves between systems, the sales staff can focus on doing the right things instead of manual work, document production, and data transfer. The real-time situation is also available to your salespeople in the field. The efficiency of the sales process is improved and the number of human errors is reduced.

4. Utilize sales data for other business needs: for example, production control, marketing investments, and recruitment are based on timely sales data. A well-utilized CRM system is also a “communication channel” to other parts of the organization.

“With the help of Sales Cloud, we’ve been able to unify our sales practices, and structure the customer information and contract information we hold, and thus we can take better care of the customer.”

Joel Vaarakallio, Heinon Tukku

Examples of sales tool implementations

Implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) system for wholesale. It was very important for Heinon Tukku to develop sales efficiency and see not only real-time customer information, but also historical and trend information when sales contacts the customer. The CRM supports reliability and fast service when all customer-related information is in one place. In addition to sales, the CRM serves as a customer service tool.

Implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) system for Valio. Valio’s sales needed a tool that would enable them to operate both in the office and in the field. There was also a desire for more co-operation and better shared customer understanding between different business units. These needs were met with a CRM implementation.

Product and sales configurator for Ruukki. In a tough competitive field, the prerequisite for success is that the customer gets the offer in front of their eyes fast enough. To this end, a product and sales configurator (CPQ) was built for Ruukki, which allows the seller to build an offer for the customer on site. Once an offer is accepted, the information must be communicated equally efficiently to production, logistics and the installation team. Making offers with the configurator also solved this dilemma.

Profitability calculation tool for a logistics company. The customer wanted to find out the profitability of different routes and route intervals. Profitability had previously been calculated manually a few times a year, which took a lot of time and was prone to errors. We developed a tool that calculates the cost for each route in Finland per day or per vehicle. In this way, the customer can control local and long-distance traffic in a profitable way.

More relevant pricing through machine learning. A global industrial firm wanted to understand the impact of pricing on bid probability and profitability. We built a pricing tool for the sales team which takes into account profitability targets and other factors that affect the offer. Based on these, the tool suggests a price to the seller and calculates the probability that the offer will be accepted by the customer.

“The implementation carried out by Bilot means that departments can use one solution suited to their needs. Working within a single business object means that customer service and customer verification has become faster and more transparent.”

Dawid Kozak, C/4HANA Product Owner, FFiL Śnieżka

Here’s how it works

1. Background research. We work with you to discover your current situation and your main goals for introducing new sales capabilities. At this point, we want to hear about sales challenges, your sales process, and the solutions currently in place.

2. Design. We design an entity that best supports your goals. At this stage, we make decisions like what will be included in the project, on what schedule we will proceed, and how the responsibilities will be divided.

3. Implementation. We implement new sales tools and ensure their integration into your other systems. We train your staff to use new tools.

4. Further development. We analyze, iterate and further develop tools as your partner. And of course we support users according to your needs.

“We ended up working together, with all the information necessary being transferred directly to Containerships. Thanks to competent people, the project was a true success.”

Jaana Kinnunen, Containerships Ltd Oy

Why Bilot as a CRM partner?

We ensure your commercial success with more than 10 years of experience in CRM systems and lessons learned during 15+ large-scale SAP Sales Cloud projects.

Our experts have extensive experience in implementing sales tools. We have been implementing SAP Sales Cloud throughout its existence and we have 10+ certified SAP Sales Cloud experts.

We have won several awards, including:

We are SAP and Microsoft Gold Partners.

With Bilot, you get a designated close implementation team that also manages the project. In our experience, this is the best way to be close to you as a customer.

Virtually all of our customers continue with us after the project phase in a mode of continuous development. Our longest continuous CRM customer relationships are about 10 years old, meaning we have collaborated for as long as we have had CRM development at all.

In our understanding, a CRM is more than just a CRM, and its advantages arise largely from integration with other data sources and systems, such as ERP or marketing automation. Therefore, our consultants are full stack experts who, in addition to implementing and setting up the CRM, also excel in data processing, integrations, the latest AI / ML capabilities, and a vision for the implementation of the whole, also from marketing and e-commerce perspectives.

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