Product information

Product Information Management

Product content is the best sales person ever.

Your products are absolutely stunning and your assortment is huge! But that will be the world’s best kept secret unless you have efficient means of conveying all that greatness through digital channels. 

The fundamental element of digital sales is product content.  

Product content… 

  1. drives traffic to your site 
  2. drives user and brand experience in your digital channels 
  3. drives personalization and recommendations 
  4. drives guided selling and configuration 
  5. helps customers explore, navigate, learn, compare, build interest and decide 
  6. helps distributors, resellers and service partners do their job faster and better 
  7. drives process automation for seamless, low-touch lead-to-cash execution 

Get great at Product Information Management  

The art of making product content happen at scale requires solid practices and systems for Product Information Management. It’s about a lot more than simply “buying a PIM product”.  

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