The continuity of your business is supremely important to us. We design, implement and maintain sustainable but agile systems.

Architecture consulting 

There are many different solutions available as a platform for SAP systems. We can help you choose the right solution and assemble your runtime and development platform from the right components, taking into account the entire life cycle of the application.

We know the platforms through and through, from physical components to cloud-based application components. We design solutions so that the availability, security, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the systems are in balance with each other.

We help you choose the right partners from Finland and the world. 

SAP Platform support a.k.a Basis 

We ensure the error-free running, high availability and smooth changes of your SAP application platform throughout its lifecycle.

SAP Lifecycle Services 

We offer comprehensive lifecycle management of SAP applications and platforms: 

With our Lifecycle Services, you get the most out of the applications you have acquired for your business. With our service, system usage remains at a decent level and your employees do not have to spend time tinkering with tools or solving problems.

We take care of your application throughout its lifecycle by further developing it and providing trouble-free up-to-date version updates and release updates, as well as training and deployment of the new features that come with them. We have strong expertise in numerous business processes. We will take over your system smoothly and seamlessly via a fast and efficient transition project.

Once the application is deployed, it will move from the project team to the support team. The support team handles not only disruptions, error situations, and service requests, but also continuous development and further application development. We act reactively by responding to various requests for support service.

We also provide proactive support to our customers. We share with our customers the best tips and useful new features for upcoming version updates. With the Release Management service, we anticipate and plan future changes together.

Thanks to our agile development model, we can solve issues quickly. You can outsource admin1 and admin2 level support to us, so you always have the best, certified experts in the industry at your disposal. Our available experts know your company and processes, as well as the applications you use and any relevant integrations.

Typical outsourced processes include: 

With our service, you are not dependent on the availability of people in your own organization.

We also take care of your SAP licenses for you and ensure the efficient use of the licenses. We handle SAP license maintenance using the Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) and Value Added Reseller (VAR) models.

Our service adapts to different customer needs, depending on the structure and criticality of the supported application. Lifecycle Services and critical component monitoring ensure your application is usable 24/7. The Service Manager is responsible for the service we provide together with a separately designated service team. The service scales according to your current situation – when your system expands, updates or changes, the support service agreement lives with it.

Workload automation and management 

With advanced tools (Control-M, AutomateNOW), you can automate background processes and workflows and save on the amount of manual work needed.

Using these tools, our automation professionals handle your complex workflows and timing logics expertly. We manage event-based and calendar-bound processes across system boundaries.

Our experts work together with the people in charge of the business process and find the right automation solution to improve quality and get the most out of the process.

We take care of the automation solution from start to finish. We provide the platform, connections, implementation, design and workflow automation, as well as support services for the entire solution lifecycle.

If you already have an automation solution that does not serve you well enough, we will convert your workloads onto the right solutions through a conversion project.

Our methodology and ready-made solutions provide a good basis for a sustainable automation solution. 

Access and identity management 

Securing the right permissions and identities is becoming more important day by day, as IT solutions open up to the world through cloud services. With our products and services, overall data security (including SAP systems) remains under control in a cost-effective manner.

SAP Data Archiving 

SAP data lifecycle management guarantees the greatest savings with the least amount of work: archiving, definition and space allocation analysis. We transfer data from the SAP system to external secure storage. We also support SAP ILM solutions.

SAP license management 

We make sure you stay up to date on your SAP license usage at all times and do not accidentally override it. We help you optimize the number of licenses you use and improve your negotiating position with SAP when you
purchase new SAPproducts or change your license model.

We use Snow Software products. You can get license management from us with the SaaS model, including the application and the necessary work.

Monitoring tools 

Monitoring is needed to ensure business continuity and accuracy. We represent and develop monitoring tools with years of experience. Our portfolio has developed according to the needs of our demanding customers to cover monitoring needs in a variety of ways.

For example, the “Castor monitoring tool” for ERP monitoring covers all major document types and interfaces, and includes silence monitoring to detect unwanted silence, for example in subscription traffic.

We use the best tools available on the market to monitor platforms, such as SolarWinds, Dynatrace, Grafana, and SAP Solution Manager.

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