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More efficient customer acquisition, high-end customer experiences and personalized additional sales

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We are not an advertising or digital agency who runs your day-to-day marketing. We are a partner who builds tools, forecasts and analytics for your company to streamline customer acquisition and increase customer life cycle value with data.

Our customers are large and growth-oriented companies that want to take their marketing capabilities to a new level.

Our services include:

With these, our customers:

  1. Improve new customer acquisition: for example, increase e-commerce sales or generate more and better leads.
  2. Produce a state-of-the-art customer experience: active referrers are created through timely and targeted communication and always providing the best service to customers.
  3. Increase customer life cycle value: follow-up and cross-selling feel like a good service when it hits just the right moment and need.
  4. Reduce customer churn: By predicting the risk of customer churn, high-risk customers can be targeted with specific measures and the factors that increase churn risk in general can be identified.
  5. Pursue efficiency: efficient of marketing processes and the automation of routine work frees your staff to do the right things.

“We’d recognized that we have an incredible amount of potential in our customers. SAP Marketing Cloud is a great solution for that, so we can find potential for additional sales in existing customers.”

Joel Vaarakallio, Heinon Tukku

Here’s how it works

1. Background research. We work with you to uncover your current situation and your main goals for deploying new marketing capabilities. At this point, we want to hear about your marketing challenges, your target audiences, and your data architecture.

2. Design. We design an entity that best supports your goals. At this stage, we make decisions like what will be included in the project, on what schedule we will proceed, and how the responsibilities will be divided.

3. Implementation. We implement new marketing tools and train your staff to use them smoothly.

4. Further development. We analyze, iterate and further develop tools as your partner. And of course we support users according to your needs.

Heinon Tukku’s experiences with us

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