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Data Management and Data Architecture

We combine data warehouses and countless source systems into a seamless whole to serve the needs of your business.

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Our core competencies are the development and implementation of information management – data warehouses, data lakes and data vaults. Practical work can begin once a data strategy has been created and key business development opportunities have been identified.

Turning business opportunities into technical requirements is at the heart of data architecture development. In data architecture work, we describe e.g. data sources, data flows, business rules, data conversions and distribution channels.

This creates a concrete list of needs and requirements for a data platform, which today is often built on a public cloud service (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc.).

In addition to traditional data warehouses, new types of storage locations and data structures are needed today. There are many reasons for this, one of which is, of course, data diversity. For example, there are other options for providing images, videos, IoT data, and Martech feeds.

Also, data is no longer used only for reporting, but the data platform may serve as a real-time source for web services or other applications, or the data must be made available to partners through interfaces.

Our data management services

We do development in a variety of ways for all supported versions of SAP BW, including:

Data Warehouse Automation: In some data warehouse implementations, our work is enhanced by a productized and automated approach (data warehouse automation). For example, we have automated system installation work and data replication processes. In this way, we have practically shortened SAP ERP data implementation projects in EDW for 6-12 months, which saves costs of about € 100,000 – € 200,000.

We also take advantage of the Data Vault 2.0 method, which minimizes dependencies, shortens project duration and allows new solutions to be generated quickly when needed.

We create data management and data architecture solutions that stand the tests of time but also adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Becoming data driven does not happen overnight. For us, this is a journey where we have successfully started to use more capable data and analytics platforms which enable us to be more self- and data driven.

Timo Rautakorpi, CIO, Suominen

Why Bilot as a data management partner

You will have access to experienced consultants with plenty of client references in this area.

We have delivered similar solutions to various industries, including wholesale and retail trade, productive industry and the financial sector.

Our services are productized and automated. We apply well-known and appropriate reference frameworks.

Our approach is business-oriented and pragmatic. We see the big picture, but we create development steps to reach the target state through realistic and concrete goals.

We are an SAP partner at the Gold Partner level.

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