Data management & analytics

Data management & analytics

We help companies draw and implement a roadmap in all situations, regardless of the current level of data maturity.

The journey to efficient data use in business can be quite long – or short and fast. The path taken depends on the starting situation and the level of ambition. We help companies draw and implement a roadmap in all situations, regardless of the current level of data maturity.

Data strategy and management by insight

Management by insight is more important than ever. Leveraging business data systematically is essential in competing in the marketplace, while maintaining and improving profitability. While this sounds self-evident, truly supporting management by giving real insights to aid in decision-making is difficult without a proper execution plan. Bilot’s approach in defining a data strategy is easy to understand and offers concrete deliverables.

“To us it was really important that the results of the data strategy project are concrete and practical. This was achieved.” 

Tuomas Simonen, Head of Private Sales, Mandatum Life

Our approach to data strategy and management by insight support your organization’s needs in raising the degree of digitalization, improving business processes or on-boarding of the new data assets in mergers and acquisitions and maximize the value in them.

Our data strategy projects cover the vision and business requirements, development potential, use cases, data asset identification and architecture planning. From the current state to the to-be, our approach offers the roadmap and tools for a successful implementation of your strategy.

“We were very satisfied with Bilot’s approach and continued collaboration with them also the implementation phase.”

Tuomas Simonen, Head of Private Sales, Mandatum Life

Our data strategy service comes with a guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, we will not invoice you.

Information management and data architecture

Different data management solutions, like data warehouses and data platforms are in the very core of Bilot’s DNA. In addition to traditional data warehousing, new platforms for storing and offering pictures, videos, IoT-data and martech feeds are required to offer real-time data to web services and other applications.

We offer

We have implemented countless solutions to various customers in multiple sectors of industry, like wholesale and retail, manufacturing and the finance sector.

Our specialty is leveraging SAP ERP data sources. A testament of our SAP data prowess is our very own data warehouse automation accelerator, Bilot DW Core™, which shortens EDW-projects on SAP Data significantly.

We implement Data management projects using purpose suited technologies like SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), SAP BW4/HANA, SAP HANA, Snowflake or Synapse, all of which are our core knowhow. 

Your solution can be built in the public clouds like Azure, AWS, GCP, or SAP Cloud, using the relevant industry best practices like Data Vault 2.0 modeling.

Analytics, visualization and planning solutions

Whether you’re looking for tools for self-service analytics, data visualization or various advanced analytics solutions, Bilot is here to support you based on your needs. We can help you if you’re looking for an implementation partner for a one-time reporting need or a large-scale analytics project. We are your analytics partner.

We offer

Our presentation layer experts are happy to help you visualize your data. We work comfortably with SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects and PowerBI tools. We can configure, support and maintain your analytics platform. Our industry experts understand your challenging reporting needs and our user experience people put the finishing touches onto the solution that serves your analytics needs the best.

Want to know more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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