CX strategy

CX Strategy

Excellent customer experiences usually don’t happen by accident.

CX strategy

Strategy + engineering = excellent experiences

Excellent customer experiences usually don’t happen by accident. Consistently exceeding your customer’s expectations – and growing by outsmarting your competitors – requires determination, persistence and a lot of technology.  
Our bold promise is that we help companies grow and secure value creation in every step and stage of their digital customer journey​s. Hitting that target requires a sound CX strategy. 

Digital strategy and business advisory

What are the business outcomes you are aiming for? We help you crystallize your vision for digital sales growth and digital customer experience. Together we explore the untapped potential within new and existing business models, sales channels and customer touchpoints. 

Service and Concept design​ 

Taking the digital strategy vision to a more concrete level, we sketch out new services and concepts. The key to success is building a solid understanding of your customers’ needs. What does the best possible service look like for your customers and stakeholders in different channels? What is the killer digital concept that will set your product and service offering apart from the competitors?  

Transforming business targets into development roadmaps​

“We want 50% of our sales to be digital in 3 years”. Sure thing, but how do you turn that into code? We break down the target outcomes into required capabilities, and capabilities into enabling systems and data and processes that need to be put in place. Then we sketch out a realistic stepwise implementation roadmap, aligning with your overall development initiatives. 

Architecture design and technology evaluation​

When you know what to build, the question is how to do it. Ask any technology vendor and you will get completely different answers. We help you nail down the big architectural guidelines which enable agile development while safeguarding your longer-term digital development vision. To cut through the technology jungle, we assist you in evaluating software on the market to find the best match for your particular needs. 

Process and operations advisory​

Deploying technology is easy. Making it mesh with the rest of your organization and processes can be hard. We help you define operation models regarding your new digital channels, covering topics such as organization, roles and responsibilities across business and IT. To ensure your development doesn’t stagnate after an initial launch, we help you establish ways of working for continuous agile development. 

Analytics and customer insights​ 

The saying goes, “you get what you measure”. That’s kind of jumping to conclusions. Our saying is: “you need to measure, to understand what you should improve next, and to see the impact of your efforts”. We help you set up an analytics framework for your digital channels, ultimately giving you an understanding of customer behavior, potential for improving conversion, retention, traffic, personalization – and the results of your incremental improvement efforts. Read more about CX Analytics >>

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