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Take your online business to the next level. We’ll help you build B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions that thrive and scale.

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Modern e-commerce takes your online business to a new level. To get the most out of your value chain, your online store must also serve resellers, brick-and-mortar stores, your own regional sales teams, and your service partners — not to mention your end users.

Streamlining this value chain, gaining additional sales through your network, and improving your customer experience are our core competencies.

We offer you a full range of e-commerce services:

“Our customers have adopted the digital channel rapidly – we now get 75% of all orders online – and the feedback has been excellent.”

– Jouni Metsämäki, Senior Vice President, Ruukki

Here’s how it works

  1. Together, we design a commercial service concept that appeals to your customers and supports your strategy.
  2. We choose the parts that best serve the architecture.
  3. We implement your online store so that it is seamlessly integrated into your business.
  4. We will remain your partner to take responsibility for the solution and continuously develop it further.

“We want a partner who understands the fast-changing technological environment and supports us in achieving a world-class digital customer experience and giving us the velocity to fuel our growth.”

– Elina Björklund, CEO of Reima

Examples of e-commerce implementations

We’ve implemented more than 100 large-scale e-commerce projects for various businesses. Here are a few examples of their uses.

B2C commerce

International online stores, which need to operate reliably, scale to a large number of products and visitors, and integrate into a variety of back-end systems, are familiar to us. The online store must typically be connected to e.g. marketing automation, logistics and payment solutions, and an ERP system to be able to provide an excellent customer experience. Or do you want to run multiple, separately branded online stores on a single platform? Not a problem.

E-commerce for B2B companies

80% of our implementations are B2B webstores which allow customers to order the products they need more and more smoothly as a self-service.

Product recommendations based on purchase and installation history help the customer to place the right order. This reduces contact with customer service, speeds up the order-supply chain and improves customer experience.

Telephone contacts and offers hand-stacked by the seller have been replaced by a world where the customer can place their order with a few clicks.

Sales work becomes value-adding, consulting sales, where sales personnel help customers to increase their understanding.

Additional sales are made in self-service channels with successfully personalized product recommendations.

Online stores in support of the dealer network and service partners

Your resellers and partners will be able to do their job efficiently when they have up-to-date information on the customer situation, global inventory balances, and upcoming product launches and promotions.

Implementation of the integration layer

To combine the e-commerce platform and ERP integration, we offer an integration layer called CommerceAPI. CommerceAPI is available as part of our overall service, or it can be delivered separately, always tailored for your specific needs.

We always implement the integration layer with the most suitable tool for the customer – which can also be another commercial solution.

“We have looked for a partner experienced in implementing Customer Engagement, Commerce solutions and also SAP integration. Bilot has been chosen as the integrator due to great experience gained during working on many eCommerce projects and excellent knowledge of the business.”

– Krzysztof Kasperek, IT Director of Sanpol

Why Bilot as a commerce partner?

We ensure your commercial success with lessons learned during 15 years in business and 100 projects.

Bilot has the most experience in building demanding, high-volume enterprise-level B2B online stores for Finnish companies.

Through the online stores we implement, products and services are sold for several hundred million euros a year.

Virtually all of our customers carry on with us in continuous development after the project phase. Our longest continuous customer relationships are almost 15 years old, which is as old as Bilot itself.

We are SAP and Microsoft Gold Partners. We help Magento customers solve business problems and utilize our partners to help us implement – we are happy to help you find the best players as partners.

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Kristiina Sarén

VP, Sales and Business Growth

kristiina.saren@bilot.fi +358 40 822 2796

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