Artificial Intelligence och Machine Learning

Does AI/ML already make your business more efficient?

We have helped solve more than 50 business problems using artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence och Machine Learning

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Most companies would like to take advantage of artificial intelligence, but face typical challenges such as:

Many businesses start without previous experience, attempting to implement solutions with different POC projects. According to research, only 10-15% of these succeed in their goals.

We have implemented 50+ artificial intelligence projects and learned so much along the way that we get almost all started projects to production. How?

Implementing a successful artificial intelligence project

When implementing AI/ML projects, we use the following framework.

  1. Defining the business problem
  2. Defining the AI solution
  3. Data validation
  4. Preliminary design of the production environment
  5. Data preparation
  6. Implementation of the solution
  7. Evaluation of the solution
  8. Building the production environment
  9. Switching to production
  10. Maintenance, monitoring and development

A systematic approach reduces unnecessary and costly iterations within the project and minimizes unnecessary AI-POC time and money wasted on projects. The business benefits of artificial intelligence are realized faster and at lower cost.

Our customers in this area include VTV, MetsäWood, Altia, Reima, Kone, Lantmännen Feed and YIT.

How to proceed?

Typically, projects start with workshops and interviews led by Bilot in order to ensure that the artificial intelligence solution is valid in all respects.

These workshops are available without any commitment to follow-up projects. We have held about 100 workshops, so we have a wealth of experience in different businesses and situations.

After the workshops we move to project mode, according to the phases of the previous framework.

If decided together, we will apply our own AI-jack to the project. It speeds up implementation considerably and reduces errors because almost all the necessary code is already in place.

The AI-​​jack has also been released as an open-source version, i.e. it does not create a supplier lock. Maybe it says something about our skills and attitude that we have developed this solution for everyone to use.

Get in touch and let’s talk AI.

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