Growth and internationalization are the main objectives of our strategy.


Our mission is to improve our customers’ commercial excellence  by developing a superior service experience.


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized pioneer of digital customer experience and a strategic partner of our customers, known for our ability to identify the most significant trends in our industry and to convert them into competitive advantage for our customers.

Cornerstones of the Bilot strategy

  • Providing a superior digital customer experience to our customers’ customers.
  • Organic growth supported by selected acquisitions.
  • Expanding our solutions and technology portfolio and offering more services to medium-sized companies in addition to large companies.
  • Internationalization and cementing our position in the Polish and Swedish markets.


We have the courage to be forerunners

We have come far by boldly leaning forward. We are on top of the game, we are professionals, we know our limits and that’s why we dare to take risks. We are proud about our proven ability to foresee the next big thing. We are pioneers.

We value originality

We respect individuals and we appreciate individuality. Openness is our virtue. We have the nerve to be outspoken internally and with customers – because we care. We are driven by our curiosity and our desire to learn – we don’t hesitate to ask for help if we need it. Everyone is unique – empathy means more than just an ism – we look for flexible solutions when the going gets tough.

We are one Bilot

We are known for our candid and positive spirit. Our social identity is not fixed to teams or groups – it is universal. We make an effort to learn together. Bilot is a transparent organisation: our fellow bilots and customers know exactly what is going on. We are one Bilot also as a brand.

We are commited

Commitment is an attitude. We are there for fellow bilots. We support each other on-duty and off. We take initiative, we keep our promises and we take pride in getting our job done – in style. We give our best and aim at what our customers really need.