Managers’ transactions

Bilot publishes the business transactions of persons in management positions and persons closely associated to them in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 on market abuse (MAR).

Members of Bilot’s Board of Directors and Management Team as well as persons closely associated to them shall inform Bilot of any business transactions they have made on their own behalf using Bilot’s financial instruments without delay and within one working day of said transaction at the latest and shall inform the Financial Supervisory Authority of said transactions within three working days, at the latest. Bilot shall publish said business transactions as company releases without delay and within three working days of said transactions, at the latest. The releases can be found here (link).

The duty to declare business transactions to the Financial Supervisory Authority begins when the value of the subject party’s business transactions exceeds EUR 5,000 within the calendar year. 

Bilot is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the managers or persons closely associated to them.

Instructions for declaring business transactions:

The form can be found at:

Information required to complete the form:

LEI code: 743700HBCMNRT3YQAZ45
Share trading code: BILOT
ISIN code: FI4000414800
Reference number: Generated automatically on the form (no need to fill in this field)                                                                    

Follow the instructions below to submit the completed form as an email attachment. Due to the short deadline, please do not submit the form by post.

The form is submitted as an email attachment to the company and to the Financial Supervisory Authority as follows:

Using a web browser, navigate to and submit the form as a secure email to

Submitting the form to Bilot Oyj:

Submit the form as an email attachment to the address:

Upon receipt of the notification, Bilot will publish the notification as a company release without delay. In your email, please provide the phone number by which you can best be contacted should Bilot have any questions about your declaration. Published declarations of business transactions made by the managers and persons closely associated to them can be found in company releases.

Important information

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