We develop and implement cloud-based and intelligent business environments and agile applications tailored to our customers’ needs, which allow our customers to offer a better digital customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Our solutions help large and medium-sized enterprises improve their customer acquisition, multi-channel sales, and digital customer service and to develop the associated data analytics.

We are recognized for our knowledge of and strong market position in Finland in leading software platforms and key ecosystems (such as SAP and Microsoft) and our expertise how to seamlessly integrate these into our customers’ business operations.

We offer high end expert service throughout a solution’s life cycle, including software development, service and solution planning, project services, and maintenance.

Customer Experience

• Commerce
• Customer relationship management
• Sales and customer service
• Marketing automation

Data and analytics

• Data architecture
• Business Intelligence and advanced analytics
• Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
• Industrial loT

Agile software development and technology

• Service design
• User experience
• Architecture
• Process excellence
• Cloud-based development
• Integration

Our customer base consists of approximately 100 customers, including leading large and medium-sized manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail, service industry, consumer goods, and food industry companies.