5 reasons to invest to Bilot

We operate in a growing market

We believe that the need for cloud-based software solutions for services, sales and marketing that support a positive customer experience is growing and that our internationalisation will open up new growth opportunities on the large Northern and Central European markets.

We have a large and growing customer base

Our customers include leading firms in their respective fields, which include companies in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, services, consumer products and food industries. Our large, loyal and growing customer base together with our long-term and constantly expanding customer relationships are an expression of our customers’ trust in our company.

We have a diverse service portfolio and strong partnerships

We offer a wide range of digital services and solutions for different stages of the customer journey, as well as smart sales and marketing tools that make use of artificial intelligence and analytics. In addition, have extensive expertise and a strong market position in Finland in leading software platforms and central technology ecosystems (such as SAP and Microsoft) as well as in integrating them into our customers’ businesses. Due to our strong expertise in software platforms and integration, we are proficient at building new, comprehensive service solutions for our customers.

We invest in growth

We have grown profitably with an average annual growth rate of 12 percent from 2017 to 2019. We believe that our company has the prerequisites for profitable growth in the future as well: our internationalisation is making fast progress and our business activities are not capital intensive. Potential acquisitions in the Nordic countries and in Central Europe and new technology ecosystems and competence areas also provide us with opportunities to grow.

Our staff consists of experienced and committed individuals who are top performers in their fields

Bilot was born from technology experts’ passion to create the best workplace the industry can offer for its best professionals. Our staff consists of experienced top professionals who are committed to high-quality service and an agile mode of operation. Almost one third of our personnel also own shares in the company. We invest in skills development and pay special attention to the wellbeing of our employees.