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Welcome to our investor pages

The purpose of this website is to provide information about Bilot for investors. On January 28th, Bilot announced that during 2020 it plans to make an initial public offering and list its shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. With the planned listing, Bilot aims to support its growth, internationalization and, expansion of its service portfolio.

Bilot is a Finnish software and IT service company that provides its customers with a strategic competitive advantage by helping them build the ultimate digital customer experience. Bilot offers its customers a comprehensive range of digital services and solutions for different phases of the customer path, as well as intelligent sales and marketing tools powered by artificial intelligence and analytics. Recognized for its highly skilled staff, Bilot enjoys a strong market position in Finland in the fields of leading software platforms and key ecosystems (including SAP and Microsoft) as well as integrating them into a seamless part of the companies’ business operations. Bilot has already started its internationalization. It has operated in Poland since 2014 and in Sweden since the beginning of 2019.

Bilot’s strengths and competitive advantages

  • Bilot operates in a growing market.
  • Bilot has a wide and growing customer base.
  • Bilot has a diverse service portfolio and strong partnerships.
  • Bilot invests in growth.
  • Bilot staff members are experienced and committed specialists.

Important information

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