SAP Finug Hosted by Bilot webinar: SAC SmartPredict – automated machine learning for SAP data


Join us on 9th of December at 14-15 to take your analytics to the next level using SAC!

This webinar will enable you to discover SAC’s machine learning capabilities and apply them successfully in your business. Your SAP ERP/BW systems are a reservoir of data waiting to have its full analytics potential unleashed. SAC SmartPredict achieves this by leveraging AutoML to enhance your reports with insights and predictions.

What you’ll learn:

Who will benefit:

Hosted by Ashwin KumarMiguel Peredo from Bilot and Chris Pritchard from SAP. Sign up and read more below.

* This webinar will be held in English together with SAP Finug and is meant for SAP Finug’s user organizations.

Sign up and read more from Oppia’s website!


Päivämäärä: 14:00 - 15:00 09.12.2020


Online - Live

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