6 ways to augment your sales team with Machine Learning

As the AI hype waves keep rolling high, opinions are voiced about how entire industries will be disrupted and certain skill categories, such as sales, will be sitting on the unemployment bench. But is it really all gloom and doom for sales teams? Or could AI spur them onwards to greater success?

5+1 piirrettä, joista tunnistat heikon tuote- ja asiakaskannattavuusohjauksen

Koostimme muutamia yleisiä heikon kannattavuuslaskennan piirteitä, joita olemme tunnistaneet lukuisissa yrityksissä vuosien aikana. Tunnistatko oman organisaatiosi listalta?…

The Big Book of Fun and Games for Computer People

Slow day at the office? Stressful meeting? No worries, we have you covered. Download now for hours of fun!

Self Service Analytics - Bilot

Guide: Your road to self-service analytics

Whether you’re already set to implement a solution for self-service analytics or are just thinking about where to begin, we’ve collected tips to avoid the nasty pitfalls.