Simplifying service management

Case B2B service company

Simplifying service management

Our customer works in self-service hardware and services in the B2B field. Their aftersales processes, such as equipment sales and leasing, maintenance and cross selling, are based on SAP systems. However, the management responsible for maintenance operations and over 120 service personnel had developed their own operating models in addition to the official systems. For example, maintenance tasks were allocated as Outlook calendar assignments.

The customer's wish was a consistent and approachable solution that works on top of SAP processes but also has the functionalities that management were accustomed to using in Outlook. The IoT from devices also had to be integrated into the solution in order to gather and utilize the data they produce.

Bilot's development team stepped up to the task and decided to build the solution around an SAP Fiori interface and the back-end system independent Azure IoT Hub.

The result was a desktop application designed to manage operational work, allowing work managers to monitor employees in one single view, see future maintenance gigs and serviceable equipment, and allocate resources. Service trucks move in real time on the map, and device data shows raw material consumption or maintenance needs. Management is able to make all the necessary changes in one view and allocate the work to the mobile service personnel. The solution is now the main tool for aftersales management in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Development work continued by developing reporting to integrate the IoT data from devices with existing data provided by the SAP environment. Most recently, a customer portal solution was completed, which also enables the use of data stored in Azure in the customer's B2B e-commerce.

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