Hunting for data treasure for Mandatum Life

Case Mandatum Life

Hunting for data treasure for Mandatum Life

Data at the heart of business

Mandatum Life is one of Finland's most financially sound and respected financial companies, and part of the successful Sampo Group. The company provides its private and corporate clients with wealth and preparedness services, such as unit-linked insurance, asset management, personal insurance, and retirement and remuneration solutions.

In the spring of 2019, Bilot implemented a data strategy project for Mandatum Life, focusing on sales and customer relationship management processes, in order to identify data development potential and enable business-driven development. The project was conducted through workshops and interviews for approximately three calendar months.

The workshops focused on Mandatum Life's business objectives, business development opportunities, current and target architectures, usable data reserves, the gap between current and target states, and the operationalization of necessary changes.

Bilot's customers: Mandatum Life

A practical roadmap shows the way forward

As a result of the project, Mandatum Life received a pragmatic roadmap with which to proceed in their development projects.

The project included:

We are currently assisting Mandatum Life in implementing the development projects identified in its data strategy work.