Better tools and customer experience in global business

Case Manufacturing company

Better tools and customer experience in global business

In late 2017 a global manufacturing industry company approached Bilot with a problem and idea: “We want to offer our clients better tools, and we want to see if we can provide them in a mobile friendly way”. Together with the customer, Bilot set out to tackle this problem.  

The goal of the project

The goal of the project was to build a scalable mobile development platform, and define global practices and tools for future mobile development. Another goal was to help the customer build a line of mobile applications which would offer their clients capabilities to perform product-related lifetime and processing calculations in an easy and approachable way. 

From day one, the approach and shared understanding was to not just build a technical solution, but to also keep focus on the business and user needs and ensure that the solutions really support the company’s business needs and also add value to the users. 

What we did

  • Service Design 

  • UI/UX design 

  • Agile development 

  • Continuous delivery





Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio App Center

Microsoft Teams

Technical details and architecture of the solution


From a single project to a strategic partnership

During the process, the relationship between Bilot and the customer developed from a project to a strategic partnership in which Bilot continues to support the client in continuously developing and enhancing the tools and services they offer.  

So far, Bilot has released four different applications, developed capabilities to offer them in 17 different languages, and helped to develop working practices for user-centric, high-quality, continuous mobile development.  

Through the development, the client has been able to offer better tools for their customers, enhance customer communication, and increase product sales.