What makes a great Customer Lead?


What makes a great Customer Lead?

Let’s continue our previous talk about Customer Lead work with Heidi Lahtinen, Riikka Makkonen, Päivi Hellsten and Jonna Pikkusaari. Last time we talked about day-to-day work, but this time we’ll focus on the skills.

What makes you a great Customer Lead?

Päivi: I am especially interested to understand every customer’s business. I want to help the customer with their processes and solutions. They may have a wide array of our services, for example commerce, data analytics and AI solutions. And I have the opportunity to see all the solutions, support Project Managers and use my skills to increase the value we deliver.

Heidi: Managing the big picture is natural for me. I am familiar with our Consultants and their experience and I know the contracts so I can offer the best solutions for the customer.

Riikka: I can handle even the tough situations and interact with everyone in a friendly manner. I have learned a lot from the encounters with customers, both external and internal.

Jonna: I feel that I can help our customers with various challenges. I make sure that the operative work runs smoothly and I can tailor our solutions with the customer to match their needs.

Two people looking at plans together.

What are the skills a Customer Lead needs?

Heidi: You need to keep your cool and be able to answer every inquiry. And keeping everyone up to date by communicating frequently.

Riikka: We need to be open to different approaches. Sometimes there are no right answers but you juggle all the balls in the air and solve puzzles one by one. You need to be accurate especially in invoicing and reporting.

Jonna: I’d add to the list of important skills customer service mindset, interpersonal skills, knowledge about IT service management and project management methodologies. As well as the ability to understand different perspectives.

Päivi: In addition capability to look into new things and to find out solutions is important.

What are the challenges?

Heidi: Our work consists of lots of moving parts, I think that is the challenge. But the more you know about the moving parts the easier it is.

Riikka: It is important to manage expectations, but sometimes it is difficult to provide accurate work estimates.

Jonna: Some knots are complex and it is important to find out how to start unraveling. Luckily, we have multitalented colleagues at Bilot who can help you in those situations.

Päivi: Every customer’s business is different and there are lots of different technical solutions in use. I would like to understand both worlds. It is a challenge but that also makes this a very interesting position for me.

When do you feel that you have succeeded?

Heidi: I feel that it is a success that we have built rapport with the customer. Day-to-day working together goes smoothly and we get good feedback.

Päivi: Yes, I agree with you. I’m glad when I see that the customer is content with the solution. In my daily work it shows as easy communication and pleasant collaboration.

Riikka: It is great to see that the customer is happy with the solution we have provided, when we make the releases in the schedule and we help them with a product that is essential to their business. And I’m proud of my colleagues. Their brightness and resilience make all this possible.

Jonna: Well, I’d say that a pleased customer and happy colleagues show me that I’ve succeeded. Especially great are those days when the customer thanks you in person. At those moments it is easy to feel that you have done a good job.

Thank you for this interview! Now I let you get back to the work. Have a nice day!

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