Welcome to our new website!

This is not just a new release of our website, it marks an important milestone in the evolution of our company. We have been constantly and rapidly developing our offering, we have grown in size, we have won the trust of many new customers and we have re-focused our view on the future. It is the perfect moment to tell all about this. For those who know us from before, you will notice that we have not only continued our growth, we have also restructured the presentation of our offering to better match our value proposition and our corporate mission: Better Usability, Better Processes, Better Information. We also wanted to bring our amazing people to the forefront. We are proud of their achievements and after all, they make us what we are today. We will be actively publishing the latest news and blogs and we encourage you to follow us on social media and to get in touch whether it is abou hearing more about our services, joining our team as a Bilot or co-Bilot or just to interact with comments or questions. We will also continue to develop the Bilot website to be a truly interactive communication platform – stay tuned!

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Mika Tanner

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