Time to renew your approach to the value chain?


Time to renew your approach to the value chain?

The current challenging market situation has awakened companies to rethink and renew their sales channels and value chains. We at Bilot have been promoting this thinking already long before, but have even more reason to do so now to help our customers ensure future success with their business.

Traditional value chains are formed by companies in different parts of the chain. Most commonly the chain follows a pattern from one step to another:

Right now, many industries have been impacted heavily by the sudden change in their business environment. Companies are planning their actions to streamline the entire value chain, drive more sales, protect margins, and strengthen brand image and customer experience. There are many opportunities to capture:

Sometimes changes in the values chain are seen as risks to harm the cooperation with the partners further in the chain. Our experience is that by planning the activities carefully, and by improving the customer experience through offering the new channels, overall sales will increase instead of cannibalizing it from other channels and partners. We at Bilot offer practical services to customer regarding, for example, these opportunities:

We have experience of making these changes to various companies in different industries. Many projects are already live or soon going live. Contact us and we can help you ensure business continuity and growth, no matter what the future brings.

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