The First Page of the Rest of Our Story

The past couple of months have been particularly stimulating. There is an interesting tingle in the market, an air of change, a sensation of something about to erupt. Tremors you know are there but the seismograph is not rendering any results. On the other hand, there are very visible shifts in our market and the competitive landscape is shifting shape.

The landscape of this old-world has red-oceans and waterfalls, a rapidly declining number of soon to be extinct dinosaurs starving from rare feed and drinking from few trickling streams. Ferns and moss grow on once-modern architectural structures. Those who decided to survive and flourish have already migrated to higher ground. To A New World, which is a land of new opportunity.

Our migration started already some time ago. We are nomadic by nature and we have never really settled down permanently. Our ability to change has been the source of our stability and our growth, as paradoxical as it sounds.

We decided that before we start our second decade of business, we shall dismantle our company’s structures, undress ourselves and look at our nakedness in the context of The New World. We made an expedition to the core of who we are, what we stand for, what we want to be and where we want to go. We re-confirmed our vision and our strategic direction. Not too long ago we broke the news to our fellow bilots, that we will be setting our sails and heading towards The New World.

It is an adventure of truly pioneering spirit, where our past experience will help us navigate safely and where our determination and dedication will help us sail through troubled waters, overcome any challenges we might face.

We will not adventure alone. Our customers are already stepping onboard, our ecosystem is part of our crew and the winds of change shall take us across the swells of our blue ocean.

Our adventure also deserved a visible change in our appearance. This was actually a by-product of our primary mission. When you read this brain-spill, you will have seen our new web-identity. Our core values, our vision and our mission is intact. We have re-written our key messages based on our revised strategy and we have redesigned our appearance to better align with our future direction– today 10 June 2014 marks the launch of A New Bilot.

Once again, our people are staged in the center and our solutions provide the context. We believe it was time to take some bold steps to redefine ourselves and prepare for the changing times. I invite you to come talk about our new agenda, to talk about how we will work towards being the most relevant player in our market.

We genuinely believe we stand for more.

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Mika Tanner

Bilot Alumni