The analysis of Customer Experience data is becoming increasingly valuable


The analysis of Customer Experience data is becoming increasingly valuable

Today, companies do not only want to measure how things are going in their business, but also how customers and employees experience their interactions with the company. Experience Management is a topic which is getting more and more attention. It is a crucial topic for any business who wants to meet its customers with better experiences – and continuously develop better products and stronger brands.

To get to that level of experience management, companies need to go beyond the business information that is traditionally handled in the business systems, i.e. operational data (O-data).

Platforms to collect valuable experience data (X-data) from all types of contact points across customer journeys are needed, and a capabilities to measure, analyse and close the customer interaction loops are crucial, in order to manage experiences efficiently.

So, what’s new with O-data and X-data?

It is the ability to combine these different types of data and using it to help companies understand how they must leverage new insights to remain competitive. With operational data, businesses can find out what is happening in the business and with experience data why it happens.

But today there is still a clear experience gap in many companies, meaning that company internal views on their ability to delivery world class customer experiences often differ a lot when comparing with the perception of their customers (=experience gap).

Furthermore, large amounts of efforts are currently used for analyzing how the company is operating, whereas the majority of these efforts actually should be focused on understanding and analyzing  how the company is perceived.

Experience Management and the experience gap is therefore a very interesting topic to talk about! But how does this topic fit into the world of SAP and how can we support companies on this journey?

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