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There is a nice little rumble we hear in our pipeline. In all of our focus areas, the market is erupting with new demand and more and more frequently we are being invited to tender. It seems word is spreading that Bilot is very competitive in not only building better solutions, but also in better understanding customer needs. We are also requested to step out of our focus area or divert from strategic trajectory and undertake assignments which we prefer not to. Naturally we take this as a compliment. We hesitate to do anything that would compromise our value-brand or our track record.

We currently have bandwidth to cater to the visible needs on the market, but at the pace of which our customers and prospects approach us, we are in dire need for new talent. Ordinary channels unearth occasional talent, but we need to start drumming harder on social media, word-of-mouth and improve our talent mining abilities. We are looking not only for seniors but also those unpolished gems who can quickly evolve to becoming rising stars. While our appetite for young professionals is growing, so is our thirst for multi-talented seasoned experts who have a suitable DNA of technical skills and business acumen. All the better if you are able to comfortably play centerfield and adjust your position in a variety of different projects.

From a solution perspective, we are looking for candidates with an eye on Business Intelligence, Analytics, Mobile Solutions, e-Commerce (more broadly e-Services), CRM, SAP technology in general as well as Microsoft technology. Cross-skills in technical project management are also sought after. Have a look at our portfolio of solutions and if you think you have proven skills in any of them or you think that with a little effort you can soon become an expert, just send your résumé/CV and I promise you it will be taken under consideration. If you hesitate to issue an application and you prefer to first have a talk, send us an email or call us and we can sit down for a cup of coffee and discuss opportunities.

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