Summer greetings

The year is nearly halfway through and soon Finland will be turned off for a while. It is the perfect moment to look backwards at what one has accomplished and on the other hand, look forward to what the rest of the year might bring along. It is also the optimal moment to unwind and recharge and enjoy well-earned vacations.

Looking back at Bilot’s first half-year, I am genuinely proud of the achievements, both on a company level and on an individual level; especially in a particularly challenging economic cycle. More importantly, the feedback I hear from our customers on the quality of work and on the dedication, sweat and tears that our people – the bilots – pour into their work is extremely positive.

As a company, we set ambitious targets for the year and so far we are steadily reaching them, even slightly ahead. We have recruited some 15 new talents and we have welcomed a large number of new customers as well. Bilot was elected in Finland by SAP as the first ever Innovation Partner of the Year – naturally we are proud of this merit and we intend to remain loyal to our role as a pioneer and seek novel ways to improve our customers’ business solutions.

Summertime at Bilot is not quiet. Even though July is typically ghostly quiet in the business arena, Bilot runs continuous services and support, continues project work and is wide awake. Our customers do not shut down and neither do we.

Looking ahead, the market conditions look interesting. Returning back from summer vacations will be exciting – there are a number of new variables in our market which will keep us extremely busy in the coming months. Bilot is executing a strategy which will further improve our competitiveness in our market-space and enable even better solutions to our customers. Many of our customers are navigating troubled waters and in true partnership spirit, we are seeing more opportunities than hazards.

On behalf of Bilot, its management team and our colleagues, I wish all of our constituents, customers, partners, friends and foe an excellent summer break. We will see each other again in a couple of weeks.

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Mika Tanner

Bilot Alumni