Summer of Data, Part 3


Summer of Data, Part 3

Continuing on with my weekly Tableau blog series dubbed “Summer of Data”, I’ll be using Tableau to explore different and interesting data sets. All the visualizations are published to Tableau’s robust public platform, Tableau Public.


Every year as the temperatures hit the high 20s and the sun is out, there’s always a little part of me that wishes I owned a boat — especially since our offices are located just by the harbor.
So to complement last week’s weather data visualizations, I’ve decided to take a stab at analyzing the Finnish Transport Safety Agency’s (Trafi) statistics on boats. Recently Trafi has opened up numerous datasets to the public through their website and one of the datasets available contains all the registered boats in Finland. As the data is from the past 100 years, you can see that the earlier data is a bit sketchy as boat registration has not been mandatory back in the day.
This week’s data viz has some statistics on registered boats; what sort of brands are registered, what materials they’re made of and what colors boat buyers have opted for.
 Boats in Finland
To see what sort of boats are registered in Finland, use the top bar navigation and charts to filter the data.

Let’s just hope the weather gets a little better so everyone with a boat can go and enjoy them!

Tune in next time for some more data visualizations! In the meanwhile if you want to experience Tableau for yourself, try out our free Tableau Desktop trial.
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