Speed dating with Bilot – 15 minutes of mobile commerce

SAP Finland has a brilliant concept for bringing customers and vendors together: SAPDate Forum. It’s speed dating for enterprise solutions! Customers line up to let SAP and partners smooth-talk them for 15 minutes, before moving on to the next booth. Love may be around the next corner?

This year, Bilot’s 15 minute pickup line focused on trends in sales and customer service:

1) The corporate laptop is an endagered species among sales staff on the field – tablets and hybrid devices are gaining ground, and ERP/CRM solutions need to keep up the pace

2) When it comes to customers accessing your web based solutions, PC browsers are being replaced by tablets, phablets and smart phones at an accelerating pace

3) Expensive specialized handheld devices are being replaced by more affordable HTML5-capable touch screens – retail ready with credit card readers and barcode scanners.

4) Consumerization of B2B is an ongoing trend, increasingly raising the expectations regarding usability and flexibility of enterprise commerce

SAP is well aware of these trends and a large set of technologies and pre-built applications are available. The plethora of options may be overwhelming to CIO’s and solution architects out there. Given that new mobile devices and business demands pop up at a fast pace, which is the winning combination of existing SAP architecture, new technology, pre-built apps and custom code? Bilot’s ultimate pickup line in the dating game is: we can help you select which bandwagon to jump on. We can help you mobilize your multi channel commerce processes.

Since one year back, we have a Bilot-built mobile SAP E-Commerce solution available for download in the four big app stores. At SAPDate, we premiered the upcoming next release of Bilot Mobile Commerce for SAP, with a user experience designed together with IDEAN – a leader in UX research and design.

By the way – SAP Web Channel Experience Management 3.0 is now out of ramp-up and became Generally Available last week. The new generation E-Commerce platform is now even better equipped for serious B2B business, with support for RFP/quotation process, configurable products, user specific catalog views etc. And of course, we mobilize it.

Contact us for more information and showcases of what we can do for your sales and customer service activities. There certainly is more to tell than what we could ever squeeze into a 15 min speed dating session!

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