Smooth operations to ensure digital sales growth


Smooth operations to ensure digital sales growth

Creating great customer experience (CX) is known to be one the most powerful ways to boost your digital sales these days. However, this time I will not write about the frontline of customer experience directly, but the importance of smooth and efficient operations and processes on the background.

The challenge comes often especially when a B2B company jumps in to D2C (direct to consumer) online business or vice versa. In any case, I dare to claim that operations and process optimization is a relevant topic for everyone, all the time.

We always aim to start new projects with a Discovery phase, which is targeted to go from strategy, and move to the requirements with the planned business solutions and services. Here are some operational aspects we take into account during the Discovery:

The good thing these days is that almost all operational functions can be outsourced, and it’s many times a wise thing to do for some parts. However, my own experience has shown that one should pay attention to picking the right partners for the operations, as even big international companies are not always providing great quality of service (especially if they are among the cheapest alternatives).

It’s also important to think about which operations you really can and should outsource, as customer service is a great example of a function that requires deep understanding of the internal functions and sold products and services in many industries.

I have also personal experience of working as an operations manager for the online business. I can recommend that all companies should have someone whose role it is to ensure that the operations run smoothly overall and are developed continuously in a holistic manner. Naturally, all operational areas need their own owners and responsible persons, but once again close cooperation between the stakeholders is one of the key elements of success.  

Here are some key operational areas to be considered in digital business:

Happy to discuss this this topic further and exchange thoughts, if you are interested. We have vast experience of online business, process and operations planning and optimization. We can also help and offer services for you to outsource parts of your online operations. Most likely I will tell more about “ecommerce-as-a-service” later on.

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