SmartSeries™ goes global

During the past decade, Bilot’s consultants have been solving real-world business challenges for our dear customers. That is still a large part of what we do day to day: we keep ourselves immersed in challenges to tackle. We stay soaked in new technologies to explore.

Perhaps less evident is that in addition to being a consulting house, we’re also a software company.

Over the years, we have been distilling the knowledge gathered from consulting into reusable components. Some of them evolve into implementation accelerators, others mature into full blown, ready-to-run business applications.

Why do we do this? Because we think that enterprises shouldn’t waste time and energy on reinventing the wheel — they deserve smart solutions out of the box. We also think our customers should spend more time developing business and less time worrying about IT complexity.

So we deliver Smart enterprise applications, wrapped in Simple architecture.

Our office in Poland has already taken our Smart products outside of Finland. Now it’s time to go global via partners. If you’re interested in expanding your business by becoming a delivery partner for our solutions, give us a call!

If you’re curious about our SmartSeries, take the time to check out a selection of our products at https://bilot.group/products/

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Mathias Hjelt

Country Manager, Sweden. Director, Portfolio & Offering.