Significance of work and staying positive


Significance of work and staying positive

We started a Wellness Mentor Program at Bilot together with LovelyLife. This project is supported by The Finnish Work Environment Fund. With this project we are gathering our own “Bilot’s core team”, who will be our wellness mentors network. In this blog series our Wellness Mentors shares their thoughts and experiences during this journey.

Have you ever asked yourself what is the significance or relevance of your own work?

During the wellness mentor program, we have discussed human basic needs and feelings that everyone has regarding their work. In our last workshop, we considered together what is the meaning of my and our work at Bilot, and did a little exercise to collect things which are important and meaningful for us wellness mentors in our own work.

Here are the results in one picture.

I hope it becomes very clear from these coloured icons that there are professional people working at Bilot and that team mates are considered to be more than just colleagues. How cool is that? That is one of the main reasons why I wanted to come to Bilot years ago and why I believe most of us are working today exactly here at Bilot.

Of course there were many other reasons for that too, but to be part of a professional team who help each other out when help is needed and to have a sense of belonging is really important. The “professional colleagues” factor was also actually rated in our last Siqni survey as one of the most meaningful factors at work.  

As Jouni Korpiranta wrote in his last blog post: small words matter. Getting positive feedback was raised high on the list of what is important for us in the wellness mentors group. Getting positive feedback from your work will raise positive emotions, increase even productivity and make one feel appreciated. So don’t hesitate to tell your colleagues if and when you appreciate them.

And as giving praises to your colleagues is important, equally important is self-appreciation. Because though we know we have superb colleagues, the fact of the matter is that you are your own biggest supporter. You need to consider how you talk to yourself also.

What kind is your own inner monologue? Is it negative or positive?  Are you aware of what you are feeling? How long do we stay in that state of negativity and feeling emotions that do not serve us? And when do we just say: “Now is enough”? No good decisions are ever done when feeling negative emotions and thinking negative thoughts.

It is key to realize that feelings are just that – feelings. They come and go. It has been researched and estimated that feelings last from 1 to 3 minutes. Feelings tend to come, go up and then go down again. I don’t know if you have ever considered where the word “emotion” actually comes from. It stands for “energy in motion”. So feelings are actually just energy that moves through you and is always in motion.

Emotions could be described also as energy moving through the body. We can’t choose our feelings but we can choose how to react to them. You need to learn how to first identify what you are feeling so that you would be able to let go of the negative and toxic feelings that we all sometimes have. No-one is positive all the time.

Just remember that every day is only one thought away from being a better day. So let’s stay positive folks. We are an awesome bunch of people. Together we stand for more.

This blog is part of a series in which Bilot’s Wellness Mentors talk about their experiences with the program. See all the blog posts here »

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