Scam alert: SAP BW users WATCH OUT!


Scam alert: SAP BW users WATCH OUT!

Cheating comes in many forms

Who wouldn’t have heard of all the bank related phishing frauds and of the Nigerian letters? Now there is a new scam on the rise and surprisingly this time it is all legal. SAP is currently ongoing the biggest technology transformation in its history and this will have a huge impact on reporting and analytics. Anyone considering the roadmap beyond SAP BW should beware in order not to be cheated.

Moving beyond from old SAP BW provides huge opportunities but also a major risk.

Scam vs. ignorance

Sometimes ignorance can cause the same end result as if you were getting cheated. Also – sometimes ignorance can directly result you being cheated.

We have discovered a clear pattern where unsuspecting targets are being sold fancy visions, but the truth what comes to implemented solutions is something completely different. We have seen victims who have been robbed huge amounts of money to get nowhere.

Your alarm should ring if you think any of the following applies to your organization:

• Any hick-ups when taking into use new generation best-of-breed end user tools – can be caused by e.g. data modelling, which has been done in an outdated manner and does not properly support you to use modern tools

• End users do not feel the value of the change – can be caused by e.g. dashboards and reports being merely copies of the ones used in the old system

In the end it is nothing less than your business that is at stake.

When doing things right you can reap all the business benefits. You can lower total cost of ownership with modern sophisticated solutions or improve your revenue and results with totally new kind of insight into data.

Being cheated or ignorant, you can lose big time. In the end it is nothing less than your business that is at stake.

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