Sales strategy vs reality on a shelf


Sales strategy vs reality on a shelf

Every producer asks a question, how to convince consumer to take from a shelf its product, and not the one of a competitor. Many different approaches can be used here, like focusing on price, package, availability, but also merchandising standards. This is quite a big area, with various techniques like proper product exposing, picking the best place, proper stock (in a shop but also on a shelf), proper price, agreements with shops’ owners.

However, the question remains how to control those standards. How can we strive for the perfect store?
One of the solutions here is the audit. Cyclical, comparable and non-subjective assessment. This allows us to track the store’s evaluation on the timeline and make appropriate adjustments.

Here are some basic questions to ask yourself beforehand:

The audit process itself consists of 3 main elements:

The solution that will support us here is SAP Sales Cloud and its element “Perfect Store”. Cloud and mobile solution.

We start the configuration by defining an engagement map that will define the merchant points to visit and evaluate – entrance, alley, promotional stand, cash registers.

SAP Perfect Store

Let’s also define surveys that will allow you to collect more accurate data.

SAP Perfect Store

Let’s also define the next steps of the entire store evaluation – e.g. meeting with the manager or proposing a new offer.

SAP Perfect Store

We can also equip traders with a machine learning tool, which using a photo of a shelf from their tablet, will indicate whether there is something missing in relation to the planogram (e.g. drinks, alcohol, cosmetics, pharmacy).

From the visit, the trader can start follow-up activities, for example:

Let us present the results of this assessment for the previously defined KPIs.

SAP Perfect Store KPIs view

And finally, let’s check the trend of, for example, a given store.

SAP Perfect Store

To sum up, how Perfect Store can help the business:

Preview video with the application:

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