In November 2016, we were looking for an anarchist, heterodox, HR Manager to coach our strong professionals to become a team of diamonds.

“Never mind the bollocks … You have a rebellious and original perspective on HR and leadership,” challenged the job ad.

Sini Sittnikow loved the challenge and started her career as a bilot in March 2017.

Why did you choose Bilot as your new employer?

– The image of a technological pioneer combined with hard-core expertise and high quality execution convinced me. The brisk & brave picture of Bilot as an employer transmitted through the Facebook wall of an ex colleague – posts from the FirmaRock Finnish Championships. Of course, the visible logo, stage center at a rock club, assured the firm’s ability to rock’n’rule.

“You are a Hooligan when it comes to introducing new ways to energize people,” described the ad. Why did you apply to be a pro hooligan?

– The Punk Rock HR role, the rebellious title and the areas the role covered, sounded so fresh and brilliantly different that I felt this is a mission for me. Before my decision, I checked carefully how the company looks online. It was a particularly important to see Bilot’s own employees in the spotlight and in all materials available.

What kind of change you are planning to lead to make sure bilots can better serve their customers and customer’s customers in the future?

– The motivation and well-being of the employees has direct impact to how well we can cater to our customers’ needs. Bilot moved from a traditional organizational model to a self-organized one 1.5 years ago. I have noticed that the model is excellent, but the excellence and creativity of the individuals – the preconditions of our success – do not actually work alone. I want to be involved in leading a change that results in individuals being able to act through their own strengths, creating teams that run independently – not alone and individually.

I want to help everyone to see his or her role in the company’s development.
Sini Sittnikow Bilot

What good thoughts and insights did you bring with you from your previous jobs?

– My most important guideline is very simple: the key is to make individuals become aware and realize their own potential. It is important that everyone understands the purpose of the company and his or her own role in the big picture. The goal as a company should always be how we can make one plus one equal three.

How do you recover from workdays?

– Family life and furry pets (cat personality) restores balance. This summer our daughter’s BMX hobby will take us to Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France and Norway. It is an intense sport. Have not found myself from the starting line yet, but I really like cycling just for fun. Doing “manuals” (balancing on the back wheel) is still work in progress.

How will Bilot look like in three years?

– Bilot will be company that is even more international. It will be a well-known pioneer, where top experts can work in the most interesting projects in the field. We Stand for More!

“If you are the candidate we are looking for, we can provide an environment where every gig is special”,

We promised in our ad. The first 90 days and the legendary Spring Day are now behind. Has Bilot kept its promise?
– A regular workday is fulfilling. The incredible Spring Trip™ and the SAP Innovation Forum event with Steam Punk theme confirmed my expectation: when there is special moment available, we always over perform. We are indeed strong stage divers and straightforward people. I like this.
“You can’t do that,” is clearly not a sentence you hear here.

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