Pioneering in Web Channel Experience Management

Since 2006, Bilot has been building up a market leadership position and a solid track record of successful e-commerce implementations among Finnish SAP customers. Key factors behind the success have been our genuine interest in understanding and reworking our clients’ sales and customer service processes, combined with a wide technological skill set. All along the journey, we have developed a rich library of enhancement components, which take the functionality and usability of the SAP E-Commerce platform to new heights. It also allows us to deliver very rapid customization projects.

After years of mastering SAP e-selling solutions, such as SAP Online Store, SAP Internet Sales, SAP E-Commerce and SAP Web Channel, we are now thrilled to be pioneering the all-new SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) solution in Finland. We have closely been involved in development of this exciting new product with SAP product management and development in Walldorf.  Bilot participated in ramp-up of 1.0 and “pre-ramp up” customer validation project of 2.0 as the only European SAP partner.

With an extensive customization and enhancement project based on WCEM 2.0 under our belt – the first in Finland – and with good insight into the upcoming 3.0 release, we are convinced: SAP product development has done an excellent job in architecting and delivering a sound platform for B2C and B2B e-commerce, e-service and e-marketing.

So what’s in the box? First of all, SAP WCEM looks good! Usability is what you expect from a web shop these days. Product development started off from a B2C angle, giving the benefit of bringing consumer-friendly usability and social aspects into an enterprise grade solution.

Second, the application architecture is based on fresh standards and brings new possibilities for modular, maintainable enhancements for cutting edge features that make your web shop stand out from the competition. So if standard WCEM functionality doesn’t quite cut it for you, we’ll easily be able to do the “Bilot wizardry” and fine tune the solution according to your specific e-commerce needs. Despite the all-new and mostly rewritten code base, we have already ported a substantial set of our SAP E-Commerce enhancements to the new WCEM platform, setting us off at a running start for the new era.

Will WCEM replace SAP E-Commerce? Yes, gradually. However, we still maintain and deliver new projects based on the current SAP E-Commerce platform, so if you’ve recently jumped on that band wagon, there’s no reason for concern. It’s not going to die anytime soon. But we do see WCEM as the natural choice for any company running SAP ERP or CRM, looking out for a new B2C web presence. Starting from WCEM 3.0, the choice will likely be equally clear for implementing complex B2B sales channels.

For a demo or evaluation installation, contact us and let us show you what Web Channel Experience Management is all about!

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