PIM – Product Information Management to complement Bilot’s service offering


PIM – Product Information Management to complement Bilot’s service offering

Product Information Management (PIM) refers to the management of commercial product information that is used to improve product sales and marketing, as well as the customer experience.
All these areas have various touchpoints in which the customer can be encountered, which is why it’s important to ensure you have high-quality product information, and that customers receive the information they need regardless of the channel, time or place. This improves customer satisfaction and ensures the customer can make a purchase decision based on sufficient product information.

Over the years, PIM systems have evolved significantly. Companies using a PIM system gain a significant competitive advantage compared to those who don’t, or to those who don’t make use of its entire potential.

Bilot offers a broad selection of product information management services

Bilot has established a PIM practice and recruited an experienced PIM expert, Jussi Rumbin, to develop it. Jussi has extensive experience in PIM solutions and has also contributed to large-scale PIM projects in the Nordic countries as a lead consultant. Boosting business efficiency with PIM and making use of the system’s full potential to support business operations are Jussi’s core expertise.

Bilot is developing its PIM practice to become the industry’s leading competence centre, offering clients high-quality and comprehensive services for product information management services. These services complement Bilot’s current offering. Bilot wants to provide its customers the latest tools in the market and the best industry experts to create successful solutions and added value for customers. It is worth remembering that a good system alone won’t bring the required advantage.

Competence and understanding of business operations are key factors in implementing a successful project. Additionally, making the overall process more efficient, creating a well-functioning data model and combining technical expertise are all important for success. In this larger picture, experience provides a significant advantage that helps avoid possible pitfalls.

inRiver becomes Bilot’s technology partner

A wide range of different PIM systems and other solutions are available on the market. As there is no common terminology that allows different features to be easily compared, the range of available systems can seem confusing. Different technology providers can use different terms to talk about the same features, which makes comparison difficult. To provide the right solutions for its customers, Bilot must have a thorough understanding of the solutions and the market, as well as the customer’s business environment.

Bilot has partnered with a Swedish PIM system provider, inriver, the market leader in Northern Europe’s PIM market. inRiver offers the most comprehensive and advanced solutions in product information management and is a significant actor internationally.

The company actively introduces new features to its customers and develops the system based on user feedback. One popular feature of the system has been the Syndicate module, which allows seamless connection with Amazon and other marketplaces, for example. It also offers features for suppliers that have long been in demand. The latest features include various 3D models, as well as product and product information analytics, that guide in making correct decisions in e-commerce for example.

The active inRiver community shares tips and best practices openly so that all users can learn about the new solutions and best ways to use the system. inRiver also arranges webinars and events where you can participate and make a difference. inRiver has received a lot of positive feedback for its easy-to-use and comprehensive system, which is actively developed and is an excellent solution for product information management.

Product information management as part of Bilot’s offering

Product information management complements Bilot’s already extensive service offering. Product information management is related to various areas of Bilot’s expertise. For instance, product information management tools go seamlessly with e-commerce and especially well with ERP solutions. These solutions complement each other, and together they can be utilised to significantly increase automation in an organisation.

Bilot’s offering also includes marketing automation solutions, various sales promotion solutions and a wide range of data and analytics services. The PIM system can support all these seamlessly and help with their product requirements.  PIM brings a significance advantage to Bilot’s services and customers.

PIM solutions and services are a significant part of digitisation. They are related to nearly all the activities that are involved in developing a company’s digital services or product processes. So we feel it is important to build a PIM practice to be able to meet customer needs in the future as well. This will allow us to offer a comprehensive set of services and product information management as part of our services.

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