Our House is Really Warm


Our House is Really Warm

Thursday, February 28th was a really good day. Bilot met a large number of its dear customers, partners, prospects and other important constituents in the housewarming of our new facilities we now call BilotCity. Our address is still the same, but we doubled our office space to accommodate our growth. We are now also able to comfortably host solution breakfast events, innovation brunches and of course exciting parties. Many have praised the relaxed and modern style of our old office and the new part follows this same genre of urban interior design. It is functional, colorful, and albeit a biased opinion, I’d say it’s one of the ‘coolest’ offices I’ve seen.

A housewarming party was the perfect excuse to invite people over for a casual after-work occasion and it gave us also the opportunity to show our gratitude of continued collaboration. Our success is the solution of an equation which has many parts – Customers who rely on our expertise and our services, partners who help complement our promise and other business partners who support us in running our daily operations. We were altogether about 130 people and it was great to see how like-minded people were and actively mingling and exchanging thoughts and business cards and having a good time.

We also had the opportunity to take a short walk down memory lane, show the latest proceedings of Bilot and to indicate the direction in which we are heading. We explained our strategy, summarized our market environment and elaborated on what makes us a success. We tried to keep our message simple and sincere. We are true to our mission and we play an open hand with our customers and business partners. It is important for us to keep this proximity to people and organizations around us. We are not “’just another SAP and Microsoft vendor”, but a company with a personality, a company with a story to tell and a truly relevant player in this very dynamic market.

Bilot is expecting to continue strong and steady growth. Our target might seem over ambitious – we believe in our ability to reach it but we need talented people to help us. Attracting talent is not easy – retaining talent is even harder. In times of talentism, we as an employer have to bend backwards to satisfy the talents’ high expectations and provide challenges, interesting cases, good customers and an attractive career path. And an inspiring work environment. We hope to have achieved this with BilotCity.

We were happy to notice the press noticed us and we received rather wide coverage in the leading journals. And why not… A positive message is not very common these days. We are proud to take this role of letting good things go around.

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