Optimistic realism

Despite the alarming messages on the European economy, Bilot remains realistically optimistic about the future. This optimism is based on a belief that our business solutions can actually help decision makers react and decide better, more quickly and based on more accurate information. They can improve the efficiency of their information workers and provide increasingly collaborative solutions to their ecosystem.

Bilot’s focus being on solutions that improve usability, productivity and information transparency, we are confident that these areas will continue to be ones where companies should continue investing in. It also looks like this is precisely what they are doing. Looking at the key strategy SAP is communicating on, it is very much the same. Most of their development focus is on solutions which target considerable improvements in all three disciplines. For those odd 10.000 people who attended SAPPHIRE Now and TechEd 2011 in Madrid, could not have avoided seeing this. More or less everything was about in-memory applications (HANA), mobile solutions and cloud computing.

So what? Well, these are SAP’s strategic focus areas on which they base their ambitious growth targets. Is it a credible strategy? Probably. SAP has successfully navigated itself through several economic downturns and each time has positioned topical and appropriate solutions for its customers. And SAP has come out of each downturn being stronger than before. And this is not a small feat considering the pace at which the IT industry has evolved, and the degree of competition SAP has faced over the years. SAP’s track record is one to admire – in saying so, it is also a very likely survivor in the long term and a partner in which many have learned to trust. This goes also for Bilot.

Bilot has become known for its innovations “on-top-of-SAP” and for its excellent customer satisfaction. This is by the way, not a bad combination at all. We are naturally proud about this and we are putting a lot of effort into both innovation and sustaining our quality image. Speaking with our customers, industry analysts and peers, the same message is confirmed. At recent seminars where we have been presenting our solutions, together with our customers of course, the audience has welcomed our message with interest and even excitement.

As to innovation, we recently published a showcase mobile solution, Bilot HCM Mobile Suite 1.0 which is a generic version of what we do as bespoke work for our customers. This autumn we also presented our latest proceedings in the Duet Enterprise arena at an event hosted by SAP and Microsoft. The expressions in the audience were quite revealing – it looks like this Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP is finally taking off!

Just three weeks ago we co-hosted and event on usability, where our customers showcased our jointly innovated solutions where usability was in focus. This of course was a great testimonial on combining innovation and customer satisfaction. Our customers showed how they had improved usability with us in areas such as Business Intelligence and e-Commerce.
Stay tuned for upcoming events where you can witness our latest achievements!

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