Not so dangerous ideas!

Please don’t get me wrong – with this blog’s header I am not trying to undermine Alf Rehn’s bestselling book “Dangerous ideas” where Alf explains us how the best ideas that allow us to take the biggest steps forward are way too often deemed first as dangerous and even ridiculous. It is a pure fact that behind many of the great innovations that we take for granted there was originally a dangerous idea – something that enabled something new to be created. (By the way, I strongly recommend anyone working in R&D to read this book and to develop ones creativity skills – it does pay off!)

Bilot just received last week the first ever SAP innovation partner of the year award (for Finland that is) and it is of course a great thing for us. After so many years in forefront of bringing the newest SAP solutions to our customers we can only appreciate such an acknowledgement
What do dangerous ideas and innovations have to do with Bilot or business solutions like SAP and Microsoft?

SAP and Microsoft business solutions are not necessarily considered as the most dynamic ones in the world – reputation being that you end up into huge projects with too little tangible results and failed business cases. In finding new breakthrough ideas both SAP and Microsoft rely more and more to their partner ecosystems’ innovation capability. In fact – in addition to SAP’s and Microsoft’s own remarkable work – there is a constant flow of new innovation being produced by the vast number of their partner companies all around the world. At Bilot we are constantly scanning what kind of new stuff SAP, Microsoft and their partners are creating in order to improve their customers’ business.
We are proud that we are recognized as a relevant player when it comes to the newest solutions. It is exactly the role we want to have. We want our customers to be able to trust us when deciding about the right (i.e. safe) moment to invest in new SAP and Microsoft business solutions and to be able to implement the solutions efficiently while ensuring real business benefits. Even though the original ideas behind the newest solutions may have been dangerous we want to ensure that when the solution is implemented at our customer it is mature enough and does not cause any unnecessary risk to our customers’ business.

I can only ask you to be brave enough and check out what kind of innovative solutions could help you improve your business! After all it is not too dangerous but can help you a long way! And oh – we do some innovation ourselves as well as you may have just read from the speed dating blog posted by my wonderful colleague Mathias Hjelt!

Interested? Just contact us at sales@bilot.fi  and let’s talk more how we can help your business to get the most out of the new innovation that is already out there!

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