“New” Marketing platform from SAP – what’s interesting in Emarsys?


“New” Marketing platform from SAP – what’s interesting in Emarsys?

When taking Emarsys into our offering portfolio, we wanted to understand its differences to other platforms. This blog will start series of such deliberations.

And no, it’s not really “new”. It has grown and been developed further. Emarsys has a history starting in 2000 and was strongly developing its capabilities. By close cooperation with customers, Emarsys was evolving marketing operative tactics that are built in and can be easily activated.

It is a huge ecosystem. Training content, new release features briefings and many extensions, like commerce plugins, ready for use to feed Emarsys with customer’s activity data.

To sum it up shortly: It is an omnichannel platform powered with analytics and Machine learning predictions – all to make lifecycle marketing easy to help uplifting customers’ engagement and company’s revenue in a long run.

Coming up below is the overview of some of its components that I found helpful and interesting:

Customer data and Segmentation

Customers’ data can be brought to Emarsys in various ways – it has:

Open APIs for it,

Relational database system built in, where we can design set of specific needed tables to extend standard data model (e.g. products data, orders data, other custom fields)

– and the option to connect External customer databases to Emarsys.

All for bringing more personalization criteria for segmentation.

Segmentation is rule based – meaning segments can be created utilizing complex logical rules, using also relational databases for specific criteria, and predictive criteria with customer’s lifecycle stages.


For more specific needs, e.g. bringing huge numbers of records from outside systems, SAP Customer Data Platform can also be utilized. This is actually an interesting offer for companies with big sized data needs, having wide scope of data sources, for millions of contacts/consumers.

Benefits of SAP CDP:


Here we get to see the real power of Emarsys. Multiple channels, with personalization options in each of them, where one can easily combine those channels in same marketing programs (campaign flows). This is why Gartner named Emarsys a Leader in Personalization Engines in 2021 (https://emarsys.com/2021-gartner-magic-quadrant-for-personalization-engines/ ) as well as a Leader in Cross-channel Campaign Management Independent platforms in 2019 (https://emarsys.com/learn/blog/the-forrester-wave-cross-channel-campaign-management-independent-platforms-q4-2019-report-emarsys-named-as-a-leader/ ).

Interesting items:

Beyond this, there are multiple options to trigger marketing reactions based on customer actions or events. The possibility to transfer customers between programs is also available.

Emarsys targets Point-of-Sales related scenarios which enables for e.g. joining of online and offline business’ and the benefits from that. That could be for example using geofencing with an mobile app with barcodes being generated and sent to customer to be used onsite.

Recommendations / Predictions

Emarsys can recommend products using many possible logics and various data sources (like product data, web behavior, contact and sales data). A prediction mechanism helps here to recommend via e-mail or web what items might be interesting for a customer.

But that’s not all. Emarsys has a wide offering when it comes to predictions. There are mechanisms designed to help find potential buyers for a product, and also recommending the best channels to reach them.

There is also feature helping with new products’ portfolio marketing. No sales history for such product exists, but only some similarities to other products that were previously sold. And this is indeed used here to find best possible target group. Worth checking.

B2B business

So what about B2B business here? Well, Emarsys is mainly B2C oriented – this is where most of its power sits in, to directly target consumers and contacts. So for consumer-like businesses, Emarsys is all you need to effectively engage customers.

When a more Account based approach is needed – the development of those is progressing. More sales and marketing collaborations will enhance this offering, as well as bring more to the data model. Still awaiting more news about that to come.

Strategic dashboards and guided marketing

Emarsys is a result of years of cooperation with marketing specialists. You can clearly see that analytics is the core backbone of this solution.

Strategic Dashboard is a place where you can see key business objectives like revenue (measured using attribution mechanism based on moment of first/last touch of one of your campaigns) and number of active customers. Own targets can easily be created as well.

There are multiple strategies proposed, from which you can narrow down to only those of your focus. Shown are for example different KPIs, its previous year value for comparison and current trends.

Emarsys - strategic dashboard

Suggested tactics that can help with chosen strategies, are also visible when signing in. It is relatively easy to launch a new program from suggested tactics, assuming we already have content for it.

From my point of view this is the great value of Emarsys – visualizing current state and enabling an easy jump directly to your next actions.

There are also other dashboards helping you to understand and grow business, such as: stores, data growth, revenue and customer lifecycle specific dashboards.


It is a complete loyalty management that should help in retaining customers and moving away from more discounts driven strategies.

This is how it looks like:

Data profiling offering

And this is really interesting – the Data profiling special offering. Based on delivered by Customer history data (like actual sales, product catalogue and others optionally) that are put into Emarsys SmartInsight engine.

They have really powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities there.

The outcome will help understand customers’ lifecycle and their value and next steps.

Interested in hearing more?

Reach out and we’ll have a short conversation and see in what ways we can help you and your business.

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