New Era: Business Information Solutions

Business Information Solutions, xBI or BI3 could be new terms to attempt to illustrate an ambition to augment the value of conventional business intelligence solutions and bridge the gap between today’s elementarism and tomorrow’s opportunities .

These terms in fact signify the start of a new era at Bilot where the foundation of our recognized BI expertise and proven innovation capabilities are harnessed to tame the BI megatrends into consumable reality – in real-time environments. It is about setting the direction firmly into the future and starting a transformation which will change how we see BI – those currently regarding themselves as pioneers will soon be regarded as late-followers.

Before adopting technological innovation in business intelligence and analytics, our customers need to understand their analytical maturity. Our responsibility is to dissect promise-ware, define the most plausible use cases, de-mystify analytics i.e. build fit-for-purpose solutions and replace BI-fiction with BI-facts.

Business Information Solutions is an amalgamation of business solutions, intelligent solutions and business intelligence – “BI3”. It is a mesh of augmented analytics, real-time decision support systems, collaborative decision making, foresight instead of insight, predictive analytics and autonomous information exploration – respecting no boundaries or definitions of conventional business intelligence. It is transforming businesses’ vision of becoming masters of all relevant actionable information to a blunt reality where they are super-competitive, more efficient and more successful.

Where technology re-writes the possibilities to analyze exabytes of data and transform this noise into understandable and exploitable information, today’s businesses are struggling to make sense of petty transactional information. We ask for Big Data when we have Small Problems. Businesses can’t often even decide what is (or would be) relevant for them. The path from multiple source integration to intuitive drill paths, moving on to high-volume forecasting and intelligent decision automation, mastering data-discovery and finally deciphering the Big Data paradigm can be quite a crusade – or it can be unfolded as an understandable road-map, in rich company context.

Business Information Solutions are everywhere. By definition, everywhere. They are coupled into all business processes, all applications and all functions. The need for relevant analysis is increasing at an accelerating pace. And relevant analysis is always relevant so there is no excuse not to provide the means. Transactional systems, Customer Relationship Management systems, Supply Chain Management systems, Human Capital Management systems, e-Commerce platforms etc. form a grid of information super-highways where analytics take a more comprehensive meaning – “xBI” needs master the grid, shadowing and listening to all the solutions and processes. Not siloed away as a separate stand-alone solution in the contollers’ den. xBI needs to be the second nature of daily business, easy to consume, agile to implement, reliable to use, possible to re-use, impossible to abuse.

Bilot’s new era of Business Information Solutions is here today, we are already a powerhouse with proven expertise and we have a strong vision which has already changed how businesses interpret business intelligence. We have been consistently in the forefront of BI development, we have been incubating the future solutions and now we will switch on to warp-speed and change how businesses take advantage of their Business Information Solutions.

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