Naughty or nice? Customers made a list. We checked it twice.


Naughty or nice? Customers made a list. We checked it twice.

Professional, efficient, competent, proactive, innovative, nice, and reliable. These are just some of the adjectives we’ve seen in the feedback we’ve received. And the list goes on: Good communication skills, helpful, and resolution-oriented. Quantitative studies tell the same story.

Feedback is not collected only by an annual survey but also project closing surveys, customer’s internal surveys and from operative meeting feedback reports.

How is this possible? Let’s find out by interviewing Customer Lead Katariina Mäkelä.


Feedback from customer: You have nice consultants. Anyone can become professional, but how to become NICE?

– We have regular face to face meetings. In emails, words can sometimes be misinterpreted, even seen as blunt, Katariina says and continues: …even if the humour in our dialogue with the customer can sometimes be quite rough, it’s always polite and respectful. This is how both sides behave.
– It’s all about great dialogue but also about trust which has grown during the years.


Service feedback says: “We speak the same language” How did you learn this? What are your tips for learning the customers’ language?

– We’ve built great working pairs and we know each other’s working methods. You can’t learn to communicate alone. It is learnt through working together and it takes years instead of months.

Project feedback from Poland: “Good communication skills, technical & efficient” How can all these 3 describe one company? How did you make this happen?

– Ha ha, she laughs, this is very extraordinary indeed! We are lucky to have these very special individuals. With this customer we’ve had projects both in Finland and Poland. We’ve learned how important it is that we can provide native speakers for both countries.


The service survey scorecard was quite yellow in the beginning but now it is all green. What was changed to make this improvement?

Although we are positively rebels and punk as company, we work in a disciplined way. We follow processes and methods are clear. If you are in services business you have to follow the process.

When we start a new project we don’t waste time thinking how we work. Processes are clear to everyone and we can focus on delivery, Katariina says.

“Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…”

We want to know if we’ve been bad or good. All year round. Getting all kind of feedback from our customers is the best gift we can get.

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