MS Teams and SAP Sales Cloud, i.e. remote meetings in C4C


MS Teams and SAP Sales Cloud, i.e. remote meetings in C4C

During the pandemic, remote working with clients has become a new normal. Many meetings with clients moved to the virtual space. In this way, ‘in person meetings’ have been replaced by teleconferences.

Teleconferencing software has become a permanent feature of mobile devices and working on them has become the everyday life of many sales representatives. One of the most popular applications is Microsoft Teams. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of its customers, SAP focused on the integration of SAP Sales Cloud with Microsoft Teams, which translated into a friendly work environment, creating  synergy.

Microsoft Teams and SAP Sales Cloud

The native integration of C4C with MS Teams allows sales representatives to easily and quickly contact the customer. Thanks to the activation of the collaboration add-on, appointments created in C4C are also automatically created in MS Teams and are available to all people attending the online event. We have complete flexibility to add the clients contacts.

The business context, i.e. how to translate technical functionality with a real increase in sales

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that meetings can be created to a specific business context. An example of a business case might be, for example, a job with a promising “opportunity”. We can create MS Teams activities / meetings directly from the “sales opportunity”, and the “events” are visible simultaneously in C4C and on the calendars of the invited users and the related “opportunity” object.

It is worth mentioning that the C4C user, after opening the event in the MS Teams application, can view key information about the meeting, such as: “sales opportunities” related to the customer along with related products, team members and the customer business history.

Preparation for the meeting

The sales representative, as well as every C4C user invited to the meeting, by invitation, has access to key data directly in MS Teams (permission roles).

Access to C4C always at hand

During the meeting, the sales representative can edit key data on an ongoing basis from the level of MS Teams. An example would be information about an “opportunity”, eg a change in sales value, entering a meeting note.

It is worth noting that all changes made during the conversation with the client are saved in C4C in real time. As a result, the salesperson enters the information only once, does not have to switch between applications, and thus – saves time. All key data is available on one screen. All salespeople and the manager working with the “sales opportunity” have access to the acquired information on an ongoing basis because all data entered during the conversation in MS Teams is available to those who have access to a given customer / “sales opportunity” in Sales Cloud.

Implementation and integration costs

Undoubtedly, good news for all SAP Sales Cloud owners is that the functionality does not require any additional fees. It is an integral part of the license, so this add-on can be implemented without any additional licensing costs.

Below are the main features of the functionality:

In summary, the new functionality perfectly responds to the post-pandemic way of working. This solution offers a lot, while being a great complement to the current visiting standard of  functionalities and commercial activities. Meetings in a remote form – thanks to this functionality will certainly be approved by businesses, they will be liked even more if all these opportunities are available without additional license fees.

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