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The 7th edition of the World Quality Report was published again with some interesting figures and market knowledge gathered from thousands of IT managers around the world. In 2014 52% ( 41% in 2012 ) of the IT budget is allocated to the digital transformation like mobile, big data and cloud. With new development comes more big changes like implementations, smaller changes and also testing. The share of Testing was in 2014 26% ( 18%, 2012) and this is expected to reach 29% in 2017. If your business people aren’t hibernating, they’ll demand new development from IT.

At the Nordic level according to the IDC CxO Survey, over 30% of the companies will invest in 2015 more than in 2014 to the company IT. Some even replied that they will invest heavily to the IT in 2015. And according to the same survey, over 20% of the companies will use their increased budgets to the new development and not just to maintain the old. I bet that many of these companies are market leaders in their area. And the most important figure, over 80% of the Nordic companies see that they need more IT investments to be competitive and efficient in the market.

More and more customer’s project work is outsourced to the vendors which have the specific pioneer-level expertise to implement e-commerce solution like (SAP) hybris or big data solution.

All the customers have also their legacy systems, huge ERP landscapes, etc. business solutions which are still developed and need fixes day-to-day.

Business process testing is in-housed at several customers because of various reasons which I’ll clarify in my future blogs. This trend can also be witnessed in the World Quality Report.

Automated testing is not just making things faster, it is much more. One of our customers had an interesting reply to me when I asked about how much time they are now saving and how much faster they can deliver the development to the production. They replied “ No, we still have the same dates for our releases but now we have more to time to run all the necessary tests, more time to develop which both equals better quality, more time to do something else like innovating and study something new…”.

We, here at Bilot have arranged dozens of customer events where we reply to these questions, find the right solutions for our customers and modernize their IT. Next week we’ll again have our SAP SolMan customer breakfast event with customer presentation, demos, open discussions and some healthy breakfast. This time the topic is Change Management.

So, stay tuned for more blogs about ModIT or come to our events to get your answers.

Like one grey-haired IT-guru said to me while ago with a big smile “ Now it is the best time to be in IT, never ever has there been so many IT problems! “.

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