Massive success for Bilot’s The Insultants @ FirmaRock 2012!


Massive success for Bilot’s The Insultants @ FirmaRock 2012!

The adrenaline is still gushing.. Bilot’s rock’n’roll pride The Insultants kept its promise by playing an absolutely amazing show at the FirmaRock Finals and came in second in the overall 2012 standings. In addition, the band was elected “the most positive act”; resonating so well with our attitude and values. First and foremost, I want to thank the incredible support we got from fellow Bilots, our customers, prospects, partners, friends and family. Secondly, goes with saying, to fellow band members, Juha, Panu, Mika, Ilkka, Otso and Janne – what an excellent adventure this has been, I feel so priveledged having been a part of it with you. And I have to say- we make one heck of a rock-band!

This is how Bilot took control of the FirmaRock finals..

We held a pre-party at our office to which we had invited naturally the whole staff and other important stakeholders for a classic rock-star menu; pizza and beer – .The band, accompanied by a couple of our numerous fellow musician-colleagues, warmed up with an unplugged session and soon then after headed towards the venue, to the band’s surprise (arranged by our marketing miracle Päivi & Co) in a massive Cadillac Escalade Limousine.

Our support group of some 100+ arrived to the venue soon then after (with limos of course)… For those who we not there, the sight was mind blowing, our fans we all dressed in the band’s bilot-white tour shirt, Bilot cardboard guitars proudly erect. A TV crew interviewed some of our fans, cameramen bustled around electrifying the atmosphere. The Insultants took the stage and the show was on. Muse’s Running Out of Time rang out massively. For the second song our personal roadies handed new guitars, tuned one step down for a more volcanic tone, and Foo Fighters’ The Pretender was launched. This huge rock anthem was super-sized by the band – it rumbled and rocked to perfection. The judges loved the show and gave – again – rave reviews.

Everything was perfect. I lack the words to describe the vibe and energy that was present. For me, it was one of the highlights of my career (surely musical and also professional :-)) and particularly the support we got from everyone, witnessing the dedication and incredibly positive attitude our staff was immensely energizing. This is the essence of what Bilot is all about.

The show will be aired on TV (MTV3 Max) on November 17th (

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