Mamma Mia! Here we go again…


Mamma Mia! Here we go again…

“O’boy” – the feeling I had when we finally made the decision at Bilot to take our next step on the path of international growth and set up a subsidiary in Sweden. During 2018, I was lucky to be involved in the team laying the foundation for the expansion, including countless trips to Sweden and finally the decision about the expansion last autumn. Growth being part of our DNA I, had been very much awaiting the next chapter in our growth story, after the first international experiences from Poland.

Our decision to start building our own presence in Sweden was merely a thing just waiting to happen, as Sweden was seen as an obvious target country already some years back when we made our first assessments about international growth. However, Poland was chosen as the location of our very first international subsidiary, and Sweden’s turn was to be later. During 2018, we saw that the momentum for our Swedish market entry was “now or never”, as there was clearly a blank space in the market for a company like Bilot. Hence it was time to repeat our previous success in Finland and in Poland.

It has been great to see in Finland and Poland how being part of the ramp-up of a new subsidiary in a new market enables you to influence how things will shape up. During the ramp-up, you see the concrete results of your work on a daily basis, which I must say is very rewarding and energizing.

So here we go again! Now it is time to repeat our success in Sweden. Having been welcomed by customers and partners alike I believe that Mathias Hjelt – our newly appointed Country Manager – and his team Sverige (supported closely by our amazing teams in Finland and Poland) are on a path to resounding success.

Heja Sverige!

PS: Being part of such a growth story is an amazing privilege that many can only dream of. Would you like to join our journey? We are currently hiring a Business Developer, Technical Architect, Presales/Lead Consultants, and Developers in Stockholm.

Or, if Sweden isn’t in your neighborhood, check out our open positions in Finland and Poland.

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