Made in Poland


Made in Poland

When I joined Bilot first time in 2010 for a one year fixed term substitute, I did not know where it would take me. Now five years later, I find myself in Poland finalizing my new four months’ work experience at Bilot’s subsidiary in Poznań. How did I end up here? Long story short, it was one of those development discussions, where I expressed my interest to work abroad in some point. I was not even thinking that I would do it in Bilot, just playing with the thought. But as you are working in a growth company, situations changes all the time. There came an opportunity, my boss remembered our discussion, and here I am. I did not know basically anything about Poland or the city Poznan, but hey, how bad can it be? Not bad at all.

Poznań, the fifth largest city in Poland, is known as a city of business. It’s location between Warsaw and Berlin gives it also an international vibe. What I was surprised that Poznań has very active international networks with many activities where I also found company for my free time. Generally, from my experience, Poland, especially Poznań, is a great destination for leisure and work. It is easy to travel, cities are lively, cost level is very moderate and people are friendly and open.

What did I actually gained with this experience, except fun and getting to know new people? I definitely got better understanding of working in a starting company’s HR. Even though Bilot Poland is part of Bilot Group, on local level it still has to face the challenges like any other start-up company. Achieving the big dreams means intensive work to make things ticking in a local market and it takes time and effort to concur the customers on the same side. Getting the key people on-board is another key issue. How convince people to join Bilot, as we did not have the local reputation yet? Bilot’s service portfolio, products, values and working culture gives a certain frame but in any case the real culture is created locally, by people. Joining a growing company in very early phase actually gives you an opportunity to influence what kind of company and working culture you want to be part of. At the same time you won’t have a clear five years plan but usually not being only on your comfort zone makes you moving forward and actually live a little more.

Overall it seems that Bilot Poland has a promising future ahead and the wheels are spinning faster, stronger. Maybe you are looking for a new direction in your working career? It’s better to act early than later. We are looking for hybris developers and architects, SAP experts in the areas of CRM, C4C, PI, BI, BW and more.


“Blogger Eveliina Vauhkonen has been working in Bilot’s HR since 2010. As an HR Business Partner Eveliina is working together with Bilot’s business units in Finland and Poland supporting them in different HR related tasks as recruitment, wellbeing, competence development and planning.”

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