Little words matter


Little words matter

We started a Wellness Mentor Program at Bilot together with LovelyLife. This project is supported by The Finnish Work Environment Fund. With this project we are gathering our own “Bilot’s core team”, who will be our wellness mentors network. In this blog series our Wellness Mentors share their thoughts and experiences during this journey.

Being part of the Bilot Wellness mentor program has granted me the unique opportunity to meet my colleagues in somewhat different circumstances from average working day or environment. As the program has moved forward and we have touched different topics each time we meet, this has enhanced one thought – I am thankful for this opportunity to participate in Bilot wellbeing mentors’ program and hope that I can soon support a colleague in need.

We work in sometimes very hectic environments and these days also remotely, so it’s no wonder if we don’t get to see and talk with our co-workers. Projects have schedules and whatever we try to do, sand will eventually run out of hourglass – and so will time as well. In this stressful situation our primitive survival instincts will come alive, and we just try to get our things done in time.

Like a little bee, we keep ourselves busy and focused to task at hand with cost of not realizing what’s happening around us.

When we focus on completing our own work in given time, we easily lose sight (or interest) what others are doing in the same project. It’s easy to slip into the thought that I will complete my task and I expect others to complete theirs.

When have you asked your colleague during a project “do you need help?” or “how are you progressing?” Bilot is full of outstanding professionals, sharpest minds of our industry – there is no question about it. (Little secret I want share with you, they are people too.) They have good and bad days or maybe there may be tragedy in their private life which effects their work.

Humans have a capability to communicate, we learned to talk thousands of years ago – and yet somehow, we often fail in communications miserably – I think that root cause here is that we assume more than talk. “I think he is doing fine” or “I thought she could manage it all by herself”.

If we would talk to each other more, share our gratitude, give compliments for job well done or simply ask “how are you”, we could make significant difference as community. Who doesn’t want to hear that they or their work is appreciated? Who doesn’t want to feel that someone cares for them or their wellbeing?

Maybe you could start by complimenting your teammate for job well done or simply say “thank you”. I have tested this numerous times, positive feedback creates positive reactions – and little words of kindness matter, in fact they may be little, but the effect can be enormous.

This blog is part of a series in which Bilot’s Wellness Mentors talk about their experiences with the program. See all the blog posts here »

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