Do you need a license to fly to be a Co-Bilot?


Do you need a license to fly to be a Co-Bilot?

“Co-pilot refers to the first officer (civil aviation), also known as the second pilot of an aircraft.” says Wikipedia. But what is a Co-Bilot?

One of the most important building block in achieving our rebellious mission is our strong base of committed and competent freelance partners called Co-Bilots. Bilot created the Co-Bilot community already in 2007 to provide a mutually interesting collaboration platform for those hyper-talented professionals who prefer to operate as freelancers but appreciate having a more stable relationship with a market leading organisation. Our Co-Bilots have strong experience and competence in their focus areas; they are trustworthy and fun to work with.

Abuse or ability?

Doesn’t this sound like an aggressive abuse? What does a Co-Bilot get from us? “Co-Bilots are never left alone but supported by our internal experts. Bilot always assumes overall delivery responsibility towards customers and provides Co-Bilots with clear practices with very low bureaucracy.,” explains Vesa Niininen, Director for Customer Delivery.

10th year as Co-Bilot and still flying strong

“I’ve been working as a co-Bilot till 2008, from the time Bilot office had only one meeting room and had always cold beer in the kitchen fridge” says one of our oldest Co-Bilots smilingly and continues: “The best thing working as Co-Bilot is the flexible way of working, without too much bureaucracy involved, utilizing the mutual benefits of prioritized partnerships. As a Co-Bilot, I got access to Bilot’s customers and as a benefit of my work; I was able to produce more business opportunities for Bilot.”

By saying: “When involved in big variety of different Bilot projects, I was able to extend my personal technical and business skills and learned to know new businesses/customers” he proves that our promise of providing the possibility to learn by working with our top talents in small delivery teams” is not an empty promise or merely a bold phrase.

Do you need a license to fly to be a Co-Bilot?

About Bilot as company, this Co-Bilot tells: “I would recommend co-biloting to senior level consultants, who can benefit the wide range of customers. Comparing to other consulting companies, Bilot has clear rules to have freelance consultants and they see clearly the benefit of having such relationships. Comparing to ‘umbrella’ companies, Bilot is a real consultancy, who understands the business & technology, not just providing resources for the projects“

Flexibility & smooth co-operation

“Bilot’s staff is highly skilled and the projects are well-led, which makes cooperation also form the co-Bilots’ point of view effortless and smooth. In addition, Bilot has a very comprehensive partner network whose benefits are also benefits for co-Bilots. Personally, the most significant advantage of Co-Biloting is the flexibility in terms of assignments and hence the ability to influence one’s own calendar and workload”, says one of our SAP-focused Co-Bilots.

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